Not existant files passed to php backend

Reinis Rozitis r at
Wed Aug 20 20:07:48 MSD 2008

> Although I generally do not recommend to use "if (!-f $request_filename)",
> it's mostly related to complex directive inside "if" block, something 
> like:
>      if (!-f $request_filename) {
>          fastcgi_pass ...
>      }
> but simple "return 404" in "if" block is OK.

Made a simple/generic benchmark with 'ab' - with fastcgi_intercept_errors 
the 404 could squeeze only like ~5k req/sec but with the if() approach the 
req/sec have gone up to arround ~15k rq/sec..

It's not like on a regular bases someone would request non-existing *.php 
files then again the backend has a a load of stuff to do for itself to waste 
cpu-clicks on this :)


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