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Chris Savery chrissavery at
Wed Aug 20 22:30:50 MSD 2008

Well, you would in that case since the new path doesn't exist. I see now 
you want backwards from that as I misinterpreted the direction of 
conversion in your original question. You want requests without the 
query string to be converted into a query string. That is actually 
opposite to my case so I would make a guess that it should be more like,

rewrite  ^/archive/index.php/(.*)$  /archive/index.php?$1

But I could easily be wrong. That should be close though. You'd have to 
try it out and adjust as works.
Chris :)

Mick Dd wrote:
> Chris Savery wrote:
>> I had a similar situation. I think you can do something as simple as,
>> rewrite   ^/archive/index.php  /archive/index.php/$query_string;
> Thanks very much for the post.
> But i could not get that to work i now get a 404 error page not 
> displayed
> Thanks again
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