module develop --nginx segmentation fault

Sergey Bochenkov bachan at
Thu Aug 21 14:05:55 MSD 2008

What 3rd parameter if you said, that directive can take only one?

NGX_CONF_TAKE1 means, that:

ngx_str_t *value = cf->args->elts;

ngx_str_t *directive_name   = &value[0]; // name of the directive
ngx_str_t *directive_param1 = &value[1]; // first (and last) directive parameter

> Hi ,
>    I developed a nginx module, and compile is ok.
>  When I test the config file without the module directive ,it's ok.
> But when I test the config file with the module directive , segmentationo fault.
> I add log in the command set function and found the 3rd parameter is  null .
> I have set the correct location create&merge conf function in the
> module ctx structure.
> The directive is  flag is
> Any idea on the reason?
> BR,
> DeltaY

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