Upload and mod_zip

Daniel daniel at telesat.co.jp
Thu Aug 21 16:32:55 MSD 2008


It runs perfect!.

How can you did that fast, are you competing for a New World Record?.
Man you are faster than a Jamaican runner!

I just put my php function in the trash can.

Thanks of lot.


Valery Kholodkov さんは書きました:
> Try attached patch. Variable name is $upload_file_crc32
>> I'm testing a configuration using Upload module and mod_zip. And found
>> that in Upload module would be very usefull to have a
>> upload_aggregate_form_field for CRC32, CRC32 value is used in mod_zip to
>> compress the downloading zip file.
>> Now i'm doing the CRC32 calculation in PHP. But It should be faster
>> inside the module.

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