[warn] 1451#0: duplicate MIME type "text/html" in /usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf:71

mike mike503 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 02:28:28 MSD 2008

igor changed it so now duplicates issue a "warn" for that.. i asked
about it too.

i think it changed around 0.7.10 or so. by default it always had
text/html apparently.

On 8/26/08, Adam Setzler <adam.setzler at gmail.com> wrote:
> What does this error mean?  I upgraded from 0.6.32 to 0.7.13 and it
> appeared.
> [warn] 1451#0: duplicate MIME type "text/html" in
> /usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf:71
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