rewrite rule to remove trailing dot from hostname

Andrew Grim lists at
Wed Aug 27 04:11:32 MSD 2008

Here's the issue:

Right now users can browse my site via either "http://<hostname>.com" or
"http://<hostname>.com.".  Notice the trailing dot.  So because of some
flash security issues I want to redirect the hostname with the trailing
dot to my regular hostname.  Should be easy, right?

I've tried a bunch of things, and it appears that $host doesn't include
the trailing dot.  But if it doesn't, does anything?

    if ($host ~ "<host_name>.com\." ){
      rewrite ^(.*) http://<%= http_host_name %>$1 permanent;

I've also tried

    if ($host ~ "\.$" ){
      rewrite ^(.*) http://<%= http_host_name %>$1 permanent;

And a number of other things. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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