problems with php-fpm

Samuel Vogel samydelux at
Wed Aug 27 04:40:52 MSD 2008


my php-fpm log looks like this:
# tail /var/log/php-fpm.log
Aug 26 23:56:05.126603 [NOTICE] fpm_event_loop(), line 105: libevent: 
entering main loop
Aug 26 23:56:06.316412 [NOTICE] fpm_got_signal(), line 48: received SIGCHLD
Aug 26 23:56:06.316518 [WARNING] fpm_children_bury(), line 211: child 
30293 (pool default) exited on signal 11 SIGSEGV after 1.199164 seconds 
from start
Aug 26 23:56:06.318898 [NOTICE] fpm_children_make(), line 348: child 
30325 (pool default) started
Aug 27 00:50:51.454592 [NOTICE] fpm_got_signal(), line 48: received SIGCHLD
Aug 27 00:50:51.454705 [WARNING] fpm_children_bury(), line 211: child 
30294 (pool default) exited on signal 11 SIGSEGV after 3286.335173 
seconds from start
Aug 27 00:50:51.456926 [NOTICE] fpm_children_make(), line 348: child 
26440 (pool default) started
Aug 27 00:51:00.613753 [NOTICE] fpm_got_signal(), line 48: received SIGCHLD
Aug 27 00:51:00.613874 [WARNING] fpm_children_bury(), line 211: child 
30295 (pool default) exited on signal 11 SIGSEGV after 3295.492197 
seconds from start
Aug 27 00:51:00.616219 [NOTICE] fpm_children_make(), line 348: child 
26602 (pool default) started

I allready tried to telnet as well:
# time telnet localhost 9000
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

real    0m5.007s
user    0m0.001s
sys    0m0.004s

It always kicks me out after 5 seconds, which corresponds to:
<value name="process_control_timeout">5s</value>
Don't know if this relates to each other, but maybe it helps to debug my 

Could there be something wrong with my self compiled php?
On the command line it works fine:
# php-cgi
<?php echo "test"; ?>
X-Powered-By: PHP/5.2.6
Content-type: text/html



mike schrieb:
> do you have a log from php-fpm?
> also you can throw this in fastcgi_params, so you don't have to define
> it in each server block.
> fastcgi_param  SCRIPT_FILENAME $document_root$fastcgi_script_name;
> oh yeah - and fastcgi params can be included globally in http {} block
> doesn't need to be in each server/location block.
> also i believe fastcgi_index can be removed completely.
> those are just config cleanups - i don't think it will help. from
> looking at it quick it looks like you've got it setup right. can you
> telnet to 9000 and get a response? i'd assume so, or it
> would get connection refused...

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