ngx_http_accesskey_module ? Any luck getting it to work

nginx at nginx at
Thu Aug 28 20:23:07 MSD 2008

I've tried some of the steps from the wiki along with some info i found
online but unable to get this working here's some of the errors i get when
i launch nginx

I've tried some of the suggestions but still getting
the same error

here's snip of my config

location /videos {
                accesskey             on;
                accesskey_hashmethod  md5;
                accesskey_arg         "key";
                accesskey_signature   "myPass$remote_addr";

[root at static /usr/local/chtest]# ./sbin/nginx -t -c conf/nginx.conf
2008/08/26 14:58:28 [emerg] 25808#0: unknown directive "accesskey" in
2008/08/26 14:58:28 [emerg] 25808#0: the configuration file conf/nginx.conf
test failed

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