nginx + git + trac (without Apache)?

Stefan Scott lists at
Tue Dec 2 07:01:29 MSK 2008

Further googling...

Somebody has posted an nginx.conf file to use trac behind nginx:

Elsewhere, somebody says that the lack of support for PROPFIND in the 
nginx WebDAV module is a problem, but then there appear to be a couple 
of solutions for this:

"Currently this is a showstopper. nginx http_dav_module does not support 
PROPFIND method yet, and git-http-push requires it."

(1) Here's one person's approach: "I implemented PROPFIND and 
LOCK/UNLOCK stubs in PHP as they are not natively implemented in the 
nginx WebDAV module."

(2) And here's an approach from Igor Sysoev: "nginx in proxy mode passes 
all methods as is. So mod_svn behind nginx should work."

OK, forgive me if this a dumb question but... does mod_svn only run as 
part of Apache? If mod_svn can run alone, then it sounds like Igor's 
proposed a solution here to allow git to run behind nginx and support 

But this is all new to me, so any advice would be appreciated.

- Stefan Scott

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