Cycling through only one worker

Ulrik Sandberg ulrik.sandberg at
Wed Dec 3 14:58:45 MSK 2008

I had an interesting experience just now.

Setup: nginx proxies a portal server, which uses an underlying app server to
render some contents.

Problem: When displaying a portal page containing content from an app
server, it rendered, and rendered, and rendered again, repeatedly. No error
codes. The error log said "client closed prematurely connection ...", and
the access log said "got page, got images, got page again, got images again,

We currently have only a single worker, and due to misconfiguration, the
underlying app server failed miserably. The request was aborted prematurely,
probably due to the app server failing. I guess nginx considered the worker
broken and tried another, which was the same worker. And it kept repeating

Question: Can I tell nginx to detect this cycle and instead display an

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