Windows installation - setting root

John Moore grails at
Sat Dec 6 15:52:00 MSK 2008

Merlin wrote:
> Generally, you will want to always use forward slashes.  I am 90% this 
> is also the case with nginx on windows; however, I lack a windows 
> machine to test on.  Have you tried it both ways?
> On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 6:10 AM, John Moore <grails at 
> <mailto:grails at>> wrote:
>     I'm trying out the Windows port, but don't see much in the way of
>     documentation. How would one specify a Windows path in the
>     nginx.conf file? For example, if I wanted to specify my root
>     directory, which is, e.g. 'C:\MyApp\webroot', would I use forward
>     or backward slashes, etc?
>     TIA
You're right about the forward slashes, but it turned out that was not 
the root of the problem. It seems that the root directory has to be 
within the nginx directory, as this is the error I get when I specify 
'c:/Shared/projects/testapp' as the root:

2008/12/05 13:00:52 [error] 6376#0: *4 open() 
"/cygdrive/c/nginx/c:/Shared/projects/testapp/index.htm" failed (2: No 
such file or directory), client:, server: localhost, request: 
"GET /index.htm HTTP/1.1", host: ""

I clearly cannot specify an absolute path, it must be relative to and 
within the nginx directory. I hope I'm mistaken about this.


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