error_page and named locations

cynix cynix at
Thu Dec 11 15:40:12 MSK 2008

Igor Sysoev <is at ...> writes:

> > I do not recommend to use if/rewrite in nginx as they have some
> > implementation issues. Nevertheless, your way is better than passing
> > 2 requests to FastCGI.

Thanks. Yes I'm aware of the caveats of using "if" (such as only the last true
if block is processed), that's why I thought of using the error_page first. But
I guess as long as I keep the if blocks simple it shouldn't be a problem.

> > I'm going to implement the non_existant_request_file directive to use
> > in similar configurations:

I'd love to see this implemented, I suggest somthing like "if_not_found" or

> Also I want to replace typcal mongrel configuration:
> ...
> with something like
> ...

try is better than match I think.

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