error_page and named locations

Igor Clark lists at
Fri Dec 12 12:50:21 MSK 2008

Hi Igor,

Igor Sysoev wrote:

> The new directive
> 1) tests file(s) existence,
> 2) and uses first found file as URI.
> I want to find a name to express these actions.

If there's an implied

3) falls back to a named location if no file is found

then I think it would be good to have some reference to the fallback 
functionality, even if it's optional, as explicit names are more clear, 
and for people trying to read documentation, directive names with 
'hidden' functionality are hard to find.

The 'uri' bit, on the other hand, can be assumed, as we know from the 
fact that we're in a location block that this directive is dealing with 
a particular URI, so we need to express what this directive does to 
fulfil the request for that URI.

So I'd like to suggest something like 'try_files_with_fallback' - it's 
perhaps a bit wordy, but seems to express more clearly what's happening.

Igor Clark
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