nginx + cookies + firefox = 400 Bad Request

Oliver Pestring lists at
Sun Dec 14 15:26:59 MSK 2008

Hi guys, this week is was about to move partially to nginx for all
static content. The full switch was planned in about a month on a new
server. I followed this guide and
it worked instantly. After some minutes I got some t-calls about saying
that the page isnt reachable with a 400 - Bad Request for them. It runs
a vbulletin-forum and a Mantis-Bugtracker, it happens on both.

Some hours later I could nail that problem down to nginx (same with 0.5x
from etch and 0.632 from lenny) and firefox users (versions 2&3). It
works again if the related domain-cookies are deleted. apache2 doesnt
cause any trouble, same for IE/Opera-users.

Tried a quick google search and I found endless posts on a lot of sites
with the same 400 problem and ff after they switched to nginx (even
famous ones like electronicarts). Sadly none if these contain a solution
besides cleaning the cookies but that doesnt seem to help for long
according to that posts.

As I have over 60% FF-users Im a little afraid of the results and
switched back to pure apache for the moment. Is there any known solution
to this problem on serverside? May a selfcompiled-0.7-version help on
this? Couldnt find anything related in the changelog.

Many thanks in advance
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