SSL support in Debian (etch) package

Jozef Kutej lists at
Wed Dec 17 20:43:26 MSK 2008

kingler wrote:
> I believe the Debian nginx package is pretty old version as well.
> Etch(Stable) branch is version 0.4.13
> I wish I knew more about Debian packaging. But if someone is familiar
> with the packaging process, maybe he could ping the maintainer of the
> package and offer assistance to update the nginx package. It will
> definitely make things easier for nginx first-timers to try out on
> Debian platform.
> -Liang

The Debian philosophy is not make any version upgrades in stable 
distribution. Only security ones. This way the stability and safe 
upgrading is achieved. The testing version is the place where the 
upgrades happens. It's possible to mix stable and testing or there are 
the backports, if anyone needs recent version then there is in stable.

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