Howto block Range request header

Phuwadon Danrahan phuwadon at
Thu Dec 18 09:53:55 MSK 2008

Hi All,

I'm running NGinx with PHP fastcgi to provide file download by using 
"X-Accel-Redirect". Almost all of our users use download manager such as 
Flashget, Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) which try to open the second 
and later requests with "Range:" header. Previously, we handled the 
blocking of Range request header at PHP script but the performance was 
very poor and sometimes we got 500 internal server error because of php 
fastcgi poor performance.

I wonder, is there any configuration that can block "Range" http header 
at Nginx? If there is a solution, it would help improve the service 

I could do this at Apache & Lighttpd but i prefer to run NGinx instead 
of those web servers.

Thank you.

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