how to ensure 5xx pages served by nginx dont get cached by users?

Dave Cheney dave at
Sat Dec 20 01:59:58 MSK 2008


Are you sure its nginx that is returning the 50x page, and not the  
application behind it? The rails failsafe error handler returns a 200  
status code with some body text that looks like a 503 page.

If it was a real 503 error page (with a 503 status code) then it will  
_not_ be cacheable as 50x error codes are not cacheable by the browser  
or intermediary proxies.



On 20/12/2008, at 8:58 AM, nginx.mailinglist wrote:

> I noticed that under heavy loads nginx returns a default 5xx  
> response (503)
> Anyways sometimes users email me saying they encountered the error  
> and it wont go away, me telling them to clear their browser cache  
> usually solves the issue, so that leads me to believe these pages  
> are cached
> Am i missing something is there an option to make nginx return "no  
> cache" headers along with a default 5xx error message?
> Using nginx 0.6.32 on a few dozen Suse 10.* and 11.* servers with  
> php5.2.6 and php-fpm patch
> Oh and thank you :)

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