Nginx as Proxy to Squid Forward Proxy

Curtis Spencer thorin at
Tue Dec 30 06:19:41 MSK 2008


This is kind of a strange request.  What i want to do is get nginx to
proxy urls such as the following

to a squid forward proxy, essentially grabbing the content of from a squid cache.

By doing a GET request, the squid proxy will
return back that content.
I haven't had any success with getting URL rewriting with the
proxy_pass and rewrite module to be able to send that type of GET
request to squid.
The best I can do is GET /, which squid calls an
invalid request, and therefore does not return the content.

Any suggestions how to do this without writing a new nginx module?  I
currently am running my own http forward proxy that is more flexible,
but I would rather use squid for better scalability and caching.

Thanks in advance,


Curtis Spencer

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