can upstream be used for memcachedmodule?

Монашёв Михаил postmaster at
Mon Feb 4 18:30:11 MSK 2008

Hi, arlene.

> I try to use upstream to define a set of memcached,then I can use it in
> memcached_pass setting ,but it can not work,anyone know how to do this ?
> If I can not set and use it just like in proxy_pass,then how can I set
> more than one memcached for memcachedmodule ? memcached_next_upstream
> need an upstream with two or more servers,but how can I do this ?

You can try ngx_http_upstream_memcached_hash_module - load balancer to
distribute the requests among memcached servers in a cluster specified
with memcached_pass directive.

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