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Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at
Sun Feb 10 23:32:22 MSK 2008

Hendrik Hardeman ha scritto:
> Manlio,
> Thanks a lot for your thoughts. I will look into your suggestions for 
> implementing points 1 and/or 2 below.
> As for scripting, for this particular purpose (serving static files) I 
> don't require any scripting support. So adding Perl, or any other 
> language for that matter, on top would be overkill.
> To be frank, I'm personally also not a big fan of Perl. I'd prefer 
> Python over Perl (I'm sorry about that :-).

Well, I'm a Python programmer and the author of the WSGI module for 
nginx :).

> Embedded LUA – anything else with the smallest possible overhead - could 
> be nice though for some purposes.
> For dynamic content I myself use Nginx upstream to several 
> purpose-written asynchronous servers, written in Python on top of the 
> libevent module ( I use 
> Libevent as the actual server engine (probably quite close in 
> performance to Nginx) which takes care of receiving / sending. 

Interesting, but I prefer to use Python embedded in Nginx, since it is 
more robust.
In future I hope to be able to add support for asynchronous Python 

I think that it would be interesting to have some benchmarks of mod_wsgi 
against libevent based Python servers.

> I don't 
> even bother about FastCGI. Each Python server listens on a particular 
> port (behind Nginx upstream), is written to handle particular requests 
> and has only the Python code required for that to keep overhead as small 
> as possible.

This is a Goog Thing!

> I also use SSI wherever possible - I wish Nginx had a few more options 
> in this area.
> By pregenerating static files with content that should become available 
> only after a certain time I can exploit Nginx even better - that is, if 
> one day it has the feature I propose in this thread !
> Hope this provides a better insight into my reasoning for proposing a 
> filetime check option / directive.

The problem is that this is a very specialized need, so you should 
implement it by yourself, of rent a coder that can work on the nginx 
codebase for you.

> Hendrik

Manlio Perillo

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