fastcgi_pass inheritance

Dave Cheney dave at
Wed Jan 2 15:51:54 MSK 2008

You can also move your common fast_cgi related configuration into a  
seperate include file, then include /path/to/fast_cgi.conf in the  
relevant server {} blocks.



On 02/01/2008, at 11:23 PM, Manlio Perillo wrote:

> Athan Dimoy ha scritto:
>> Igor Sysoev <is at ...> writes:
>>> You may describe all fastcgi stuff (fastcgi_param/etc) except  
>>> fastcgi_pass
>>> even on http level, and it will be inherited to all servers and  
>>> locations
>>> until will be overriden in them.
>> How this can be done? I mean how to fill all fastcgi stuff on http  
>> level. Currently I fill all of them inside a location ~ \.php$  
>> {...} block. Can I use such a location block on http level, common  
>> for all virtual servers?
> Yes, you can.
> Manlio Perillo

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