Too many open files errors

Mustafa Toraman lists at
Thu Jan 3 02:15:16 MSK 2008

Hello all ,
nice to see a nginx topic on here :) also greetings to mail-listers!

I have problem with nginx+fast-cgi. Sometimes CPU useage getting higher
then %100.  I checked error.log and found something.

On startup (nginx) , there is showing an error more then 5 like that;

2008/01/03 01:07:54 [alert] 12755#0: sendmsg() failed (9: Bad file

After a few minutes later (10 or 15 minutes) , i am having Too many open
files error too. Then cpu usage getting over %100 for a few minutes...
also HTTP 500 error...

I am using Centos5 + 64bit with nginx-0.5.34 + fastcgi. Also this is a
BitTorrent tracker.

I have reinstalled my box and i still having same problem.

Willing to get answered.
Happy new year all!
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