Variables in proxy_method

Jed Schmidt tr at
Tue Jan 8 10:44:51 MSK 2008

Hello all,

Is there any chance that proxy_method could be modified to allow
variables? I'd like to proxy all incoming POST requests using PUT (for
use with Amazon S3) like this:

set   $s3_method   $request_method;
if ($request_method = POST) {
   set   $s3_method   PUT;

location   / {
   proxy_method   $s3_method;

but there's currently no way to change only one method without adding
crufty URI rules like this:

if ($request_method = POST) {
   rewrite   ^/(.*)$   /POST/$1;

location   /POST {
   proxy_method   PUT;
   rewrite   /POST/(.*)   $1;

I hope this makes sense, but let me know if I'm missing something,


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