Ben Maurer bmaurer at
Tue Jan 8 21:09:55 MSK 2008

Hi Igor,

Igor Sysoev wrote:
> Changes with nginx 0.6.25                                        08 Jan 2008
>     *) Bugfix: socket leak in HTTPS mode if deferred accept was used.
>        Thanks to Ben Maurer.

I don't think the patch that's in 0.6.25 actually fixes the deferred 
accept issue. That issue caused the MSG_PEEK recv to return an EAGAIN 
which resulted in read and write events not being handled on that 
socket. The patch currently in the tree only fixes the issue where the 
user completes the first half of the handshake but then stops responding.

Also, is there any reason this isn't merged into 0.5.x?

Thanks again for your help in dealing with these SSL issues,

- Ben

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