beta testing for mod_wsgi

Adrian Perez adrianperez at
Mon Jan 14 06:53:24 MSK 2008

El Sun, 13 Jan 2008 19:33:49 -0800
mobiledreamers at escribió:

> how to use this with nginx
> should this tar file be unzipped into an nginx latest folder and
> compiled? instructions please

For example, if you want to build nginx 0.6.x with the latest mod_wsgi,
get the packages and unpack them:

  # cd /tmp
  # wget
  # wget
  # tar -xfz tip.tar.gz
  # tar -xfz nginx-0.6.25.tar.gz

As we are using Nginx 0.6 we must patch mod_wsgi sources:

  # ( cd mod_wsgi-* && patch -p1 < patches/nginx-0.6.x.patch )  

Finally, configure and build Nginx, the trick is the "--add-module"
flag to the configure script:

  # cd nginx-0.6.25
  # ./configure --add-module=../mod_wsgi-* 
  # make && make install

You'll end up having a fresh Nginx installation in /usr/local ;-)

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