Escape characters in log files

David Phillips david at
Tue Jan 15 01:26:24 MSK 2008

nginx does not escape logged variables.  This makes it impossible to
reliably parse log entries.  This is what Apache does:

   For security reasons, starting with version 2.0.46, non-printable
   and other special characters in %r, %i and %o are escaped using
   \xhh sequences, where hh  stands for the hexadecimal representation
   of the raw byte. Exceptions from this rule are " and \, which are
   escaped by prepending a backslash, and all whitespace characters,
   which are written in their C-style notation (\n, \t, etc). In
   versions prior to 2.0.46, no escaping was performed on these strings
   so you had to be quite careful when dealing with raw log files.

I would like to fix this in nginx.  What is the best way to handle this issue?

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