a web cache system base on nginx web server. faster and more efficient than squid

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Fri Jan 18 06:26:25 MSK 2008

What is ncache?

a web cache system base on nginx web server. faster and more efficient than

we have published a release version
1.2<http://ncache.googlecode.com/files/ncache-1.2.tar.gz>now, you can
see the change log
here <http://code.google.com/p/ncache/wiki/NCacheChangeLog>.

and we will maintain it be fresh.

you can also visit here by http://www.ncache.org or

and left your message here <http://groups.google.com/group/ncache-group>

there is also have some BUGS, so if you find it please tell us, thanks alot.

shinepf at gmail.com shineyear at msn.com

shuiyang at gmail.com shuiyang at live.cn

   - The large storage can save over 30,000,000 caches

   - The self sort share memory hash index

   - Use linux epoll, sendfile and aio to improve the performance

   - Base on the fastest web server framework : nginx

   - The high throughput and high concurrent volume of the cache request

   - Without http headers cache

   - Low cpu cost and low iowait


   - The aio_sendfile function

   - Compress share memory hashmap index

   - Memory cache the hottest data

   - Raw device read and write

   - Distribute storage system

   - Aio queue with lio_listio function

How to use?

You can see it on the wiki paper

Problem yet~

   - The memory cache elimination algorithm is not very mature so we will
   add this function at next version.

   - only support on linux 2.6 up.

   - do not have enough information about the Run-time statistics
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