Cliff Wells cliff at
Sat Jan 19 02:22:40 MSK 2008

On Fri, 2008-01-18 at 21:03 +0100, Dan Anos wrote:
> Stefanita rares Dumitrescu wrote:
> > have fun there :) lots of stuff to see. especially in wien.
> Dear other users:
> Stefanita is associated with a phising scam on the Postal bank of Italy.
> Recently a spam email was sent out requiring users to enter their bank 
> details
> for this bank, the link went to, a domain owned by 
> Stefanita.

Without having more information, this is hardly damning.  Most of the
phishing scams I've seen were hosted on hacked servers.  This might make
the owners of said servers seem somewhat irresponsible or incompetent,
but doesn't "associate" them with the scam.  
In fact, given how foolish and traceable it would be to host such a scam
on your own server or domain, I find your allegations pretty silly.  

> Please bar this user from the forum, and pass any information you have 
> on this person to

I don't think so.  It's not anyone here's job to police the internet or
even this mailing list (unless it has to do with abuse of this mailing
list itself).  

So far the only abuse I've actually seen evidence of is unsubstantiated
allegations posted in an unassociated forum <hint>.  Maybe you should
use a little more common sense before you slander people in a public


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