SSL downloads broken in 0.5.35

Michal Mach michal.mach at
Mon Jan 21 20:02:14 MSK 2008


Can you still reproduce the error with nginx 0.5.35? Because we had the same
problem with ssl bad write retry error and the published patch on this mailing
list + 0.5.34 has solved the problem for us and even the 0.5.35 is working fine.
So could you please double check if you still get the bad write retry error and
if it is really with the 0.5.35 nginx version? (check with nginx -v or -V option)
If yes, could you post the output from nginx -V and additionally the OS type,
ssl library version, x86 or 64bit and what is your testing procedure which gives
you this error?

Michal Mach

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