awstats and nginx

Erik VanBruken iamkenzo at
Thu Jan 24 00:48:32 MSK 2008

Hi guys,

This is my first post in this mailing list. I have recently installed
nginx, and I find it is really an awesome piece of software!

You have advised Alexis to use fastcgi for PHP following the
documentation in this page:

Although it can handle php, I am not sure it is the best method.

I have used this documentation page to set up fastcgi in nginx to be
able to run a python script. However to make php scripts work, I had
to make my php script (a simple 'hello world' test script) executable
and I also had to add #!/usr/bin/cgi-php at the beginning of the php
script in order to have the 'hello world' message display in my

Is my setup working correctly? I was wondering whether or not have to
make the script executable was correct, otherwise nginx tells me that
it cannot execute it.

Because if it does, poor Alexis will have to make all AWstats php
scripts executable and moreover he will have to add #!/usr/bin/cgi-php
at the beginning of each file, and this will take some time and might
result in buggy behaviors impossible to spot.

I would rather advise Alexis to setup a php-cgi server, and redirect
php scripts to that server, the following documentation is probably
more what Alexis is looking for:

This way, no need to edit the php files of AWstats.

I am rather new to nginx, so please let me know if what I say is

Best regards,

On Jan 23, 2008 6:24 PM, Athan Dimoy <foxx at> wrote:
> "Alexis Torres Garnica" <gaper at>
> wrote in message news:479772F5.8040304 at
> > Hi guys, how can allow the use of AWStats as a CGI in nginx? tnks =)
> You can't; CGI is not supported by Nginx, therefore you have to run AWStats
> as FastCGI.
> Athan

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