PHP, Apache, Mongrel cluster

Stefanita rares Dumitrescu lists at
Sat Jan 26 14:07:18 MSK 2008

Thomas wrote:
> That's what I alreay have, but based on this documentation:
>, "To use Nginx + Virtual
> Host + PHP you should ommit the SCRIPT_NAME variable in order for PHP
> to choose the correct DOCUMENT_ROOT."
> it seems that you can replace /home/fs01/www with $document_root, that
> would save me some time and headaches when renaming a folder.
> But probably I am wasting time on an insignificant improvement.
> On Jan 25, 2008 5:44 PM, Stefanita rares Dumitrescu

that's worth trying :) but it has impact only when renaming document 
root, which in this case is /home/fs01/www
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