nginx and IE

eliott eliott at
Mon Jan 28 09:25:42 MSK 2008

On 1/27/08, just starting <just.starting at> wrote:
> hi,
> I have updated my version to 0.6.25(latest).
> I have a question though. Will it work for users behind a proxy server with
> caching enabled.
> Suppose at first an user using firefox sends a request for a static page
> test.html. Now when another user with IE6 tries to access the same page,
> then will the proxy server fetch the uncompressed version or just serve from
> cache.
> If what I am thinking is true, what is the best possible way to handle
> this.(keep the gzip flag OFF?)
> Thanks,
> Rakesh.

You could probably add an extra vary header, for vary'ing based on
user-agent as well.
Then each browser would get a different cache of that specific object.

You aren't having problems with html compression though, are you?
My guess is that it is compressed js or css that is causing the problem.
You might want to double check.

If it is just css or js, you may be able to add the additional vary
header based on the mime type of those files, instead of for all html.

Not super sure though. I haven't dealt with vary headers and
intermediate caches very much...

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