Unsure about proxy_temp_file_write_size to prevent upstream response buffering

Dave Cheney dave at cheney.net
Tue Jan 29 15:11:05 MSK 2008

Hi Maxim,

	Thanks for your response, I've set my proxy directives to

  proxy_buffering 	on;
  proxy_buffer_size       4k;
-proxy_buffers 		4	32k;
+proxy_buffers 		8	32k;

	Which I'm guessing has 256k of buffering capacity, is that correct?



On 29/01/2008, at 10:25 PM, Maxim Dounin wrote:

> You should configure proxy_buffer_size / proxy_buffers large enough  
> instead.
> Directive proxy_temp_file_write_size basically tells nginx how many  
> data it can flush to disk at once when writing temporary file. It  
> may be used to prevent nginx worker process from blocking for too  
> long in io path.

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