php fastcgi support - how do u do it?

Marcos Neves marcos.neves at
Fri Jul 11 07:42:55 MSD 2008

Could you highlight some advantages/disadvantages of php-fpm vs
lighttpd_spaw_fcgi ?
Now, I´m using lighttpd_spaw_fcgi, but I´m looking for a good reason
to change to php-fpm

On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 12:24 AM, mike <mike503 at> wrote:
> use php-fpm. it's a patch to php source. it's the best way to manage
> fastcgi pools/engines.
> anything else is hokey and some don't even work properly.
> On 7/10/08, Jeffrey 'jf' Lim < at> wrote:
>> hi, folks, I'm thinking of using nginx (quite obviously!!!) for one of my
>> deployments with php. Now since nginx doesnt do cgi, the only way to do
>> nginx with php is using fastcgi. The question now is, how, and in what way?
>> I'd like to gather some feedback from the list - if you use nginx with
>> fastcgi php, how do you implement your fastcgi? Using the fastcgi script as
>> provided by php, or using lighttpd's script, or?
>> -jf
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>> In the meantime, here is your PSA:
>> "It's so hard to write a graphics driver that open-sourcing it would not
>> help."
>> -- Andrew Fear, Software Product Manager, NVIDIA Corporation

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