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Raul Rivero rivero at
Mon Jul 14 18:29:46 MSD 2008

Hi all,

Today, we [] released our patches to sign cookies, httponly 
property and add user name to the ngx_http_userid_filter_module's cookies.

The summary:

   * Two new options:

         userid_secretforsign  "0ur-S3CRet.HerE!";
         userid_httponly       on;

   * So, the new syntax of "unauthenticated" (1) cookie is:


   * The "authenticated cookie" (2) is:


     With a syntax for <more_data> like:


   * Then, when the sign of (1) or (2) is verified, two new enviroment 
variables could be sent to backend:

         IDUSR ---> the <NGINX_cookie>
         NAMEUSR -> the <userName>

     So, the backend knows nothing about authetication and all work is 
done by Nginx.

You have a complete description and the patch in:

This is our second release of new modules or patches to Nginx. The first 
one was a new module to clean HTML, delete special comments and add a 
block of HTML after the <body> tag (more info in


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