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Wed Jul 23 23:23:40 MSD 2008

Search the mailinglist archive, there where extensive discussion about  
the different possible approaches and their problems. The discussions  
circulated around monitoring, event handling and such.

Just a hint no advice :-)

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Am 23.07.2008 um 20:48 schrieb Almir Karic:

> i'm kinda interested in implementing a true load balancer  
> functionality
> in nginx, my idea is to extend the upstream module so that it would be
> able to dynamically modify the configuration of servers (such as mark
> them down or change the weight) i see two possible ways:
> - controlling socket over which you would feed the commands
> - UPSTREAM method (similar to ncache's PURGE), the advantages of this
>  being easier control of configuration file and no need for a  
> dedicated
>  thread to listen on the socket
> the idea is to implement just the controling protocol in nginx, it  
> would
> require some controling daemon/script to actually do anything useful.
> thoughts? advices?
> also any chance of this kind of code making it to official nginx?
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