Using HTTP 1.1 with the backend server

Björn Keil deephell at
Tue Jun 3 18:52:17 MSD 2008

Am Dienstag, den 03.06.2008, 20:52 +0700 schrieb Denis F. Latypoff:
> Hello Björn,
> Tuesday, June 3, 2008, 8:38:09 PM, you wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I am having problems with a setup of nginx as Reverse Proxy / Load
> > Balancer / SSL Wrapper for a couple of Apache webservers.
> > The originally requested hostname gets lost due to the use of HTTP 1.0
> > instead of HTTP 1.1 on the conversation with the backend server. Thus,
> > the server assumes "ServerName" (in the Apache config), even though one
> > of the Aliases would be correct.
> > I could probably avoid the problem if I added an additianal header with
> > the requested hostname, but I would prefer passing the original HTTP 1.1
> > request as is to the backend server. Is that somehow makeable?
> proxy_set_header Host $host

Yeah, I found that a second after I send this mail myself... it's even
given as example in the doku. However. While the Apache PHP module
understands this, the Apache itsself does not. It always uses the first
configured Virtual Host even if another was requested.

I cannot use name based virtual hosts in Apache if the protocol isn't
HTTP/1.1, it seems. Even if there's a host header it's being ignored in
HTTP/1.0 - which is technically the best solution, because it's a
violation of the HTTP/1.0 protocol.

So... is there any way at all to make nginx talk HTTP/1.1 to the backend
server, or do I really have to set up IP based virtual hosts and
seriously bloat up both nginx's and Apache's config? I don't understand
why it would use a different protocol than the original request at all
in first place - why not pass the request as it was made?

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