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Ed W lists at
Wed Jun 4 18:52:53 MSD 2008

Rafa? Zawadzki wrote:
> Wednesday 04 June 2008 14:47:15 Just Marc napisa?(a):
>> My feeling about the nginx project is that it is under-marketed and very
>> large amounts of lighttpd (and apache) users are still unaware of it.
>> Many would switch to it in the blink of an eye.

Nginx has still got some gremlins in it's use of variables for vhost 
definitions so you end up having to create a new vhost definition for 
every vhost rather than just using an include template with lots of 
variables in it.  eg you can't say: "access_log 

I think little stuff like this is holding back nginx more than you might 
imagine.. (my 2p...)

Ed W

(P.S.  Thinking compile time variables here, not per hit variable 
evaluation.  Point is to setup a template vhost and then re-use it again 
and again for all customers without needing to write a script)
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