Milestone: #4 on Netcraft

denis denisb+gmane at
Thu Jun 5 15:56:08 MSD 2008

Cliff Wells wrote:
>> I suppose that (for now) lighttpd is still more popular than nginx if you don't
>> consider the wordpress bias.
> Of course not.  Virtual hosts are counted for all servers, not just
> Nginx. You'll notice that Lighttpd made a huge jump back in Feb 2007
> when it was picked up by a company hosting thousands of domains (I
> forget who it was, but I'm sure someone here can recall):
> 01.2007 lighttpd 172819
> 02.2007 lighttpd 702712
> There is no "bias".  The reports are equally precise and equally
> misleading for all server software.

Given that context, one could easily argue that the Wordpress switch is 
more interesting in the way of actual server usage than Lighty being 
used for parking domains..

I agree these are all statistics, and have to be taken as such, but I 
personally think that hosting a huge number of blogs on a server tells 
me more about the capabilities than serving a lot of one page static 
html sites :P

Next up will have to be beating out the "Unknown" spot (some ~5 million 


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