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Mon Jun 9 07:01:51 MSD 2008

Matthieu Sevestre wrote:
> Hello
> Thanks for this reply... in fact I owuld only have 2/3 connections no 
> more.
> simple thing for me would be SSH tunneling but unfortunately, it's very 
> unstable on the connection type I use, that's why I was searching in the 
> Proxies world.
> Anyway if you say yourself that nginx would be difficult to configure 
> for this, I'll seek for something else.
> Thanks very much !
> Matt
> Igor Sysoev a e'crit :

Hmm, I had hoped this might be the answer to my gmail troubles.

I'm basically having trouble connecting directly to gmail's imap server 
via my cellphone's email client which I believe is due to a ssl 
certificate problem.

So my big idea was to run an nginx proxy on my server that would allow 
my connect via insecure imap and have nginx connect through to gmail's 
imap using ssl.

What I don't understand about how nginx proxies the connection is, let's 
say I use php for the http_auth and I return a successful login and the 
IP address of the backend server, does nginx then continue on and issue 
an imap 'login' command to the backend server?


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