Dual load balancer (one failsafe)?

Floren Munteanu nginx at yqed.com
Tue Jun 10 14:33:10 MSD 2008

Hi Alex,

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> > Did anyone setup an nginx dual load balancer, one being set as
> failsafe?
> > If possible, please post your configuration example.
> We use Nginx on six boxes in conjunction with Heartbeat2. The main web
> server IP is automatically reassigned if the current web server box
> goes down.

I presume Heartbeat does that for you?

> This setup generally works as intended, although Heartbeat2
> occasionally misbehaves. It is apparently not as mature as the
> original Heartbeat.
> If you only have two boxes, consider using Heartbeart (not
> Heartbeat2), which is also simpler to configure and maintain.

I was hoping we can do all the above simply by using the nginx configuration file.
I wonder if Igor can comment on that, when he is back from vacation. I would be curious to see if we can do the dual balancer setup, using only native nginx software.



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