mod_rails aka mod_rack aka mod_ruby

Ed W lists at
Wed Jun 11 11:30:39 MSD 2008

Phillip B Oldham wrote:
> I personally think a mod_rack would be a great idea of nginx. wsgi was 
> a great thing for unifying python apps, and since ruby is very close 
> but in its infancy a mod_rack tie with nginx might allow the community 
> to shift focus on integration to other things.

Rack seems to be where much of the market is heading at the moment, led 
at least by the ruby community - seems to be suitable for just about any 
web language to interface to

Have a look at "Passenger" for apache - this kind of came at the problem 
from a different direction, but they seem to be building a mod_rack 
module in a roundabout kind of way.  Performance appears to be higher 
than mongrel with the added benefit that the host webserver is 
completely aware of queuing and can do much better load balancing and 
scaling up/down of cgi instances. 

All those other features are the main reasons for putting CGI straight 
into the webserver - anyone can simply proxy to a mongrel cluster...

Ed W

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