Nginx health checks

mike mike503 at
Wed Jun 11 22:46:59 MSD 2008

On 6/11/08, Barry Abrahamson <barry at> wrote:

>        • Big one for us; a backend can instruct Perlbal to fetch the user's
> data from a completely separate server and port and URL, 100% transparent to
> the user
>        • Can actually give Perlbal a list of URLs to try. Perlbal will find
> one that's alive. Again, the end user sees no redirects happening.

I believe based on nginx's proxy-everything approach, this can work. I
was looking into it for MogileFS (so there's no app-level interaction
required, purely nginx <-> MogileFS based on the request URI)

I think it can do reproxy on the fly, but I am not sure 100%, I never
got that far but I am sure I saw examples. This would be huge if we
could get that into nginx for sure, then I could use MogileFS without
having to dip into PHP/perl/whatever to hit the trackers, nginx could
handle it and completely offload the need to talk to PHP for the
binaries/whatever is stored in Mogile...

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