Nginx health checks

mike mike503 at
Thu Jun 12 02:07:24 MSD 2008

On 6/11/08, Aleksandar Lazic <al-nginx at> wrote:

> I'am quite instrested into expirience with mogilefs and nginx ;-), do
> you need help?
> Aleks

There might need to be a patch or two added to nginx for seamless
nginx/MogileFS integration. I am not sure.

There's been interest and funding pledged from myself and Engine Yard:

I can't find a good full thread list of the discussion/my ideas, but
here's the place with ALL of the mentions of mogilefs:

Some specific posts:

Someone who knows C, working together with dormando from danga to
understand the best interaction methods could possibly whip up a very
low-overhead easy way to skip interacting with a middle tier (PHP,
Perl, Python, etc) and have nginx talk directly to MogileFS instances
and have a damn scalable solution.

I already have nginx being used as the mogstored webdav server
(instead of using perlbal) and it seems to work well. I'm just looking
for the frontend mapping of

user GET -> somehow resolves to mogilefs key -> ask mogilefs tracker
-> get location -> tell nginx to reproxy it to that URL

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