tell me your feature request about nginx

mike mike503 at
Fri Jun 13 06:47:35 MSD 2008

some ideas of mine:

- more metrics (like how many connections, bytes served, bytes per
host: header, etc) - with zeus i was able to parse a group of files
per night to figure out by host: header how many http requests and how
many bytes were served up per vhost

- "smarter" health checks. perhaps another process that works in
tandem with nginx to dynamically add/remove upstream servers based on
healthchecks (you get the benefits of nginx's support for re-trying
other upstreams if the first one fails, but not the downfall of having
chaos happen when an upstream is down and nginx trying to keep
connecting to it every so often) - basically like merging ldirectord
or something like that together so it can do healthchecking to
dynamically manage the upstream pool

- a mod_mogilefs type thing (see past mailing list archives for a
discussion) - nginx talking directly to mogilefs could save a lot of
overhead and there's been some interest (as well as two of us have
pledged $$ to get it going)

- multiple nested location blocks - right now i want to protect
everything in /admin/ for example. however /admin/foo.php is a php
script. it matches the .php location and skips the auth_basic
location, so a direct link completely skips the authentication. it
sounds like it needs some really crazy rewrites to make it work right
now, or nested location blocks (which aren't recommended right now)

On 6/12/08, Michał Jaszczyk <jasiu85 at> wrote:
> Hi,
> It's me again, the mod_rails/mod_ruby/mod_rack guy :).
> As you may remember, I'm a CS student looking for a subject for my
> masters thesis :). I had this great idea about making mod_r* for
> Nginx, but it turned out to be a bad one... :) So... Maybe you have
> some ideas about what cool feature could Nginx have? I could implement
> it then :).
> Regards,
> Mike

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