tell me your feature request about nginx

mike mike503 at
Fri Jun 13 10:10:08 MSD 2008

On 6/12/08, Dan M <strangepics at> wrote:

> > - more metrics (like how many connections, bytes served, bytes per
> > host: header, etc) - with zeus i was able to parse a group of files
> > per night to figure out by host: header how many http requests and how
> > many bytes were served up per vhost
> This is IMHO really not a webserver's job, it's a log analyzer's job.

it's pretty simple to increment some counters every so often and dump
them to a file. otherwise we could spend 4-8 hours a night churning
through web logs for very basic metrics... this is just a feature
*request* it's not a *requirement*

> > - "smarter" health checks. perhaps another process that works in
> > tandem with nginx to dynamically add/remove upstream servers based on
> Shouldn't there be already a tool that does this?

but adding/removing upstream servers from nginx requires editing the
nginx configuration (or a separate include) and having to restart/HUP
nginx every single time.

> > - a mod_mogilefs type thing (see past mailing list archives for a
> I can just see everyone who use weird FSes ask for a mod_*.

mod_mogilefs would be perfect. it already uses proxy methodoligies and
webdav. there is interest for it, and it is a specific type of pseudo
filesystem. it's not like asking for something crazy. i think some
people have figured out some wacky way to do it already but it isn't
exactly out of the box.

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