PHP init script to go with nginx?

Phillip B Oldham phill at
Fri Jun 13 16:21:30 MSD 2008

Yep, I did all that - still got that message.

Thanks for the script though. I'm currently mashing bits together from 
your script, the one which starts nginx, and a few other bits. Once its 
running I'll drop it onto the mailing list for prosperity. ;)

Volodymyr Kostyrko wrote:
> Phillip B Oldham wrote:
>> Also, I think there may be a bug with the original script
>>> Linux:
>>> #!/bin/ash
>>> #
>>> # chkconfig: 234 25 75
>>> # description: php FastCGI daemon
>>> case $1 in
>>> restart)
>>>         /etc/init.d/phpFcgid stop
>>>         /etc/init.d/phpFcgid start
>>>         ;;
>>> start)
>>>         users="www"
>>>         www_childs='2'
>>>         for user in ${users}; do
>>>                 socketdir="/tmp/.fastcgi.${user}"
>>>                 mkdir -p ${socketdir}
>>>                 chown ${user}:nobody ${socketdir}
>>>                 chmod 0750 ${socketdir}
>>>                 eval export PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN=\${${user}_childs}
>>>                 su -m ${user} -c "/opt/php5/bin/php-cgi -b 
>>> ${socketdir}/socket&"
>>>         done
>>>         ;;
>>> stop) /usr/bin/pkill php-cgi ;;
>>> esac
>> On my CentOS box, service phpFcgid start returns the following:
>> env: /etc/init.d/phpFcgid: No such file or directory
> This script is actually the contents of /etc/init.d/phpFcgid. To start 
> using it you should put it there, make it runnable and register it 
> with chkconfig. You should also have php installed with FastCgi 
> support and you can build it alone as I do, just in my case php is 
> installed with prefix /opt/php5.


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