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mike mike503 at
Fri Jun 13 19:37:18 MSD 2008

On 6/13/08, Jure Pečar <pegasus at> wrote:

> Ideally this should work the way mod_backhand works for apache 1.3. Nginx should make its list of upstream servers accesible via some API and some external process that monitors those servers should be able to dinamically add or remove them from nginx's view. External process should have a way to figure out various parameters from workers (either some addon to workers or some acompanying daemon that monitors the worker hardware node) and deceide on the best list based on different decision weights from the list of those parameters.
> See

I'm pretty sure this would meet almost everyone's needs... and if it
could be integrated with something like ldirectord, I'm all for it.
The healthchecking and notification to nginx when to bring up/down
upstreams I think is the missing ingredient to using it fully for load

Another note:

We should get a site started here with a list of ideas and then a way
for people to vote/second them - to get a true priority list of what
people want and a full list of everything people have asked for...

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