Igor - are you ignoring my emails? :)

mike mike503 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 06:32:25 MSD 2008

Hey, I've kept this lighthearted. I was just wanting to ask Igor his
opinion on how to do something and now that he's back I was hoping to
expedite the answer. (It worked like a charm)

Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything here. In fact, I am trying to
push nginx adoption to everything I can - if anything, learning these
little gotchas will help create more support and exposure for nginx.

I'd say if money is an issue, my corporation (and my own business)
might be able to donate/pledge some support if needed to help continue
the development, but I believe that's being taken care of by Igor's
company already. However, we might be able to help motivate and
expedite other nginx related efforts if needed.

Igor is typically more responsive and quicker with patches than any
commercial product out there. I was just really needing this answered
before some people started complaining to me when they noticed their
realms were not fully secured :)

On 6/13/08, Dave Cheney <dave at cheney.net> wrote:
> Please remember the price you (and your fortune 60 company) paid for nginx
> and it's ongoing support when considering the correct amount of indignation
> in your correspondence with this list.
> Nobody is _forcing_ you to use nginx.
> Dave

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