PHP init script to go with nginx?

mike mike503 at
Mon Jun 16 21:53:52 MSD 2008

Hes tried to work with the PHP core guys - but it's very hard to get
such a large change into the core.

He could speak better about it. It's just like APC - I believe it will
be built in to PHP6, or Suhosin - why aren't those built in either?
They're well-tested and pretty much standard and not really buggy (no
more so than the core distro) ... also it seems that PHP devs are
trying more and more to push more extensions to PECL and such instead
of having such a bloated core distro.

But a big change to a SAPI? That will take some time. There's already
a feature request that Andrei submitted (I believe)

Oh - now I remember too - at the moment PHP-FPM uses a different
license. When Andrei is ready to put it into PHP core, he's going to
change it to a compliant one. That -might- be the only issue.

Anyway, everyone who uses it raves about it and I haven't really heard
of any bugs. I use it on every single server I manage - which are home
boxes, side hosting business boxes, and my day job (Fortune 60
company) boxes and have not had a single issue yet. I think Andrei is
like Igor with attention to detail :)

On 6/16/08, Phillip B Oldham <phill at> wrote:
> mike wrote:
> > I cannot emphasize it enough - PHP-FPM is -the- way to manage
> > PHP/FastCGI.
> >
> So why aren't the patches part of the main distribution? I mean, anyone can
> contribute, can't they? So why not push it to the main project and make it
> easier for everyone?
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